Eric Carlson

The group's Jacket-of-all-trades. Eric has jumped between editing, producing, shooting, writing, and directing since Two Jackets began, feeling just as at-home in any role. Everything about the filmmaking process fascinates him, and he vows never to rest until he maxes out his skill tree and has to re-roll a new character.

His eclectic set of credits include Cinematographer for Limpwings, Visual Effects for Meanwhile at the Citadel of Superheroes..., Editor for Put a Ring on It, and Director for I Stole a Lot of Money!

Professionally, Eric works in television production and is currently enjoying his role as Equipment Manager for Tremendous! Entertainment


Marcus Mann

Marcus is one third of the Two Jackets triumvirate.  He focuses most of his efforts on writing, which is how he knows the word triumvirate, but also has been known to direct from time to time.  In addition to writing screenplays for Two Jackets Productions, Marcus is also an aspiring (read: unpublished) science fiction author. 

Marcus currently lives in Seattle, Washington, far away from anything that might distract him from writing. While distance may separate him from the other Jackets, Marcus is continuing to collaborate with Andrew and Eric from afar.  The nice thing about scripts is that they’re relatively cheap to send over email.

After working with Andrew and Eric for nearly a decade, Marcus sees a bright future for the trio as they begin plans for their next feature film, which he should get back to writing.


Andrew Neill

Andrew is a director and producer for Two Jackets Productions. His affinity for filmmaking became apparent around the age of five, when he would go to a friend's house to videotape unofficial Jurassic Park sequels using the official, movie-inspired toys. After a brief stint fighting alien scum with the Men in Black, the lure of movies caught him again as a teen.

The possibility of becoming a filmmaker seemed more attainable upon his exposure to the new wave of American independent cinema by directors like Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, and Quentin Tarantino. With celluloid dreams swimming in his head, Andrew entered the Minnesota State University Moorhead Film Studies department, where he met his fellow Jackets, Eric and Marcus, and a host of other beautiful and talented artists. Andrew loves the collaboration and diversity of filmmaking - how it includes everything from writing to photography to performance. He wants to catch 'em all, like Pokemon, so he pursues directing in order to be involved in every facet of the process.