The early days. From left to right: Andrew, Marcus, and Eric

The early days. From left to right: Andrew, Marcus, and Eric

Two Jackets Productions is a narrative video production company founded in 2007 by Eric Carlson, Marcus Mann, and Andrew Neill.

The three were attending Minnesota State University Moorhead when a contest put on by the school challenged students to make a video proving that their dormitory floor was the best on campus. Eric, Andrew, and Marcus took control of their floor's video and, although they never ended up turning it in, created the pilot to what would become the webseries "3rd West Ballard."

The trio made two seasons of 3rd West as an independent study at MSUM, worked on dozens of student film projects, and wrapped their college careers with eyes on a feature film. Starting in spring 2009, Two Jackets began working on Limpwings, calling in favors, pulling off a successful crowd-funding campaign, and working with a skeleton crew of amazing filmmakers and actors. After two years of writing, shooting, and editing, Limpwings was finished in October 2011.

After relocating from Moorhead, MN to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, the gang began to focus on creating short film projects, entering local and national filmmaking competitions, and planning for future feature length and short films. 

Two Jackets Productions has been recognized with many awards for their short film work. Most recently, "Meanwhile, At the Citadel of Superheroes..." won Best Comics-Oriented Film at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, "Keeping Up with the Cloneses" took home first place in the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project and "I Stole a Lot of Money!" made it to the Top 20 in the worldwide Four Points Film Project.

In 2016, Two Jackets Productions entered the world of podcasting, with their debut podcast, ShamFiction.  They look forward to exploring this new frontier as they continue their filmmaking efforts.